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Appointment Online

Northampton General Hospital have introduced a new system called Appointments Online NGH, which will allow you to view your outpatient appointment online and access your appointment letters on your smartphone, tablet or computer if you opt in.

If you are already registered for Appointments Online NGH you can access your account here.

To register as a new user of Appointments Online NGH you must:

  • be aged 18 years or over
  • have a valid mobile number recorded on our main hospital administration system
  • have an email address in order to register to create an account to access the system
  • have received a text message to register for the system
  • have your NHS number available if you have not clicked on the link in the text message

Once the registration is complete you will be able to:

my appointments zesty
  • see your appointments online
  • view your appointment letter once you opted in
  • confirm your appointment attendance
  • add your appointment to your personal calendar
  • set an appointment reminder

Your appointment text message will contain the date and time of the appointment along with the specialty, and the letter will show the location.

If you do not prefer to receive these messages, you have the option to opt out by:

  • responding to the initial message you receive to ask us to stop messaging you
  • To opt out from messaging it can be done by following instructions in the text message received.

If you are already registered to the online patients appointment you can access your account here.

It is possible that you will still receive non appointment letters by post.

If you are experiencing problems, please click on ‘Help Centre’ and follow the links to report the problem.

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