Wards and visiting


Relatives' Helpline

We've set up a helpline to support those with loved ones in hospital, whom they can't visit and would like to know how their recovery, care and/or treatment is going.  Relatives can call us on 01604 545784 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and on weekends and Bank Holidays 10am-4pm.  Our aim is to reduce the number of calls to our busy wards and provide a single point of contact for relatives.

Our staff taking the calls are very knowledgeable about consent and will only release information to the appropriate person.  We will have a list of security questions and ask for callers to provide us with clear, specific information requests.  We will also confirm this with the ward if necessary before releasing any information.


Patient property service

We have launched a new patient property drop off so a relative or friend can bring essential items for their loved ones who are staying in hospital.

This service will run from Monday- Friday 10.00-12.00 (excluding bank holidays) outside of Integrated Surgery, area B.

To use this service please take note of the following process:

  • When preparing belongings please ensure you only pack essential items. These include toiletries, a mobile phone, phone charger or clothing items. You are welcome to include a letter to your loved one in the bag.
  • Please do not pack any valuables. It will not be possible for staff on the ward to complete a property checklist and any belongings brought in will not be the responsibility of the hospital.
  • Ensure items are packed in a plastic bag which is closed/sealed.
  • Clearly label the bag with the patient name and the ward they are on.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, only one relative or friend should come onto the site to bring the bag.
  • On arrival please go to the external door of Integrated Surgery, you will need to walk past the Forrest Centre (marked on the map here). If travelling by car you will need to park on site using car park 1. Parking is free.
  • When you get to the Integrated Surgery external door please make yourself known through the glass window/door by holding up the bag to show the staff member sat on reception. Do not enter the hospital.
  • Once a member of staff has acknowledged you, please leave the bag on the ground and walk away.
  • The staff member will come out and take the bag inside.
  • Items will be taken to your loved one after 12pm. Unfortunately we will not be able to tell you when they have received the bag.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.


Further restrictions on visiting from 25.03.2020

We are further restricting visiting to our hospital to help to protect our patients and our staff and stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

With immediate effect we will not allow any visitors into our hospital. By not visiting the hospital you will help to keep our patients and staff safe and save lives.

The following departments have some exceptions:

  • Maternity- one birth partner only as long as they are not displaying any symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • Disney and Paddington wards- one parent or guardian only. No other visitors or siblings.
  • Gosset ward- one parent only. No other visitors or siblings.
  • Accident and emergency- one visitor only and no children as visitors. Please be aware that if you do bring more than one person with you our teams will ask additional visitors to leave unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • Outpatient and other appointments- If you come to the hospital for any other reason please don’t bring a visitor with you. If it is essential that you have a visitor with you please make sure that you only bring one person and that you do not bring any children.

In the upsetting or difficult circumstance where patients may be at the end of their lives different visiting restrictions will apply. These times are to be agreed at the discretion of the nurse in charge.

If you do need to visit the hospital you must use the hand gel provided or wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. This should be done when you enter the hospital site, when you enter a clinical area and leaving the site.

Please do not visit the site unless you have an appointment or need emergency care.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The blood taking unit is operating at restricted hours during this time.

Different visiting arrangements may apply to:                 

  • Corby Community Hospital                  
  • Danetre Hospital Daventry                  
  • Isebrook Hospital (Hazelwood Ward) Wellingborough                                        

Some other specialist wards may also have different arrangements, and ward managers can use their discretion in exceptional circumstances. More restricted visiting times may be in place temporarily from time to time.                

Please refer to this list of ward contact numbers and contact the relevant ward to confirm current arrangements, particularly if you are travelling some distance to visit.

Information for visitors                

If you are visiting under exceptional circumstances only:

You must wash your hands when entering or leaving a ward - with soap and water or the alcohol gel provided. Facilities for using alcohol gel have been provided near to all the ward entrances and at the bedsides.                

Please use the bedside visitors’ chairs and do not sit on hospital beds. Please do not use patients’ toilets but use the separate toilets for visitors instead.                

Mobile phones, cameras and camcorders must not be used in ward areas.                

Children are not permitted to visit at this time.     

Ringing for details                

Please use this list of ward telephone numbers to dial direct to a particular ward. If the number you want is not available, contact the switchboard on 01604 634700.

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