Community Midwifery Care


Community Midwifery Care


Finding out that you’re pregnant can initiate a whole range of emotions-one minute you might feel elated and the next feel completely overwhelmed. Experiencing a roller coaster of emotions is completely normal and not helped by the flood of pregnancy hormones bombarding your body!

It’s never too early to meet your community midwife-contact your surgery and ask for a ‘booking appointment’. The receptionist will give you a date when you will meet with her, for the longest of several appointments throughout your pregnancy.

If you cannot get an appointment within two weeks of contacting your surgery you call the community midwives office on 01604 545430. A midwife will then arrange this for you.

Your midwife will meet with you in the surgery, a children’s centre or home and she will ask you questions about you and your family’s health and details of any previous pregnancy’s and births. She will advise you on how to keep well, and give you tips on how to reduce some of the symptoms such as sickness and talk with you about what you can expect from your care.

She will also discuss what will happen at the different appointments and offer to arrange a scan for you and some blood tests.  Several antenatal screening tests are performed on a sample of your blood which is usually taken at your booking appointment. In some cases, the baby's father may also be asked to have a blood test to check for inherited conditions, such as sickle cell or thalassaemia. 

An important part of antenatal care is getting information that will help you to make informed choices about your pregnancy.

If you need to see a doctor during your pregnancy your midwife will arrange this for you.

It’s important that you have a good relationship with your midwife and you might want to go equipped with questions.

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