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 Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

For the latest NHS information and advice about Coronavirus (COVID-19) visit the NHS Coronavirus website.

Visiting times remain restricted with a few exceptions.  We have introduced a variety of ways for you to keep in touch with a relative/loved one in hospital.  


It is now mandatory to wear a face covering when coming to the hospital as a patient or visitor. Please make sure you are prepared and bring a face covering with you. This can be something as simple as a scarf or bandana or you can buy or make your own face covering.  The government have produced a guide on how to make a face covering.

We will take into account any exceptional circumstances where it would be difficult for some people to wear face coverings.


Coronavirus advice
How we are reopening services during coronavirus
Coronavirus media updates

Where do you want to go?

Finding your way around Northampton General doesn't have to be challenging.

Use our tool to find where you need to go:

Visiting Times

To protect our patients, we are temporarily restricting the visiting of patients.

If you have a relative in hospital and would like an update on their condition, please call the ward team. A list of the wards can be found here.

Different times and restrictions apply to some areas.


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